We deliver diagnostics systems to create better quantum chips.

To realize a commercial quantum advantage, quantum chips need to be designed, fabricated and tested. Creating the test system and protocols to retrieve the relevant information on quantum chip performance requires too much time and expertise from developers. And therein lies the bottleneck.

Our easy-to-use tools provide our customers with fast and reliable testing of their quantum chips. Our current products are a result of tight coupling between our proprietary diagnostics protocols with curated measurement and control hardware components. All our developments prepare us to deliver industrial-scale high-throughput quantum chip testing.

We understand our customer's needs when they set up a lab for quantum chip development, and we incorporate relevant solutions into our products. Buying Orange QS’ products allows our customers to iterate faster and smarter in the quantum chip development process.

Know your quantum chip!


The Quantum Diagnostics Libraries is a suite of proprietary software libraries that you can use as a student or researcher of quantum devices. Use the simulator to discover and develop without requiring access to high-quality qubits. Rely on physics-based documentation, APIs, and data analysis to enable automation, as well as easy and clear documentation and data reporting. Enjoy the professional development and maintenance of the libraries. The Orange Racks is a stack of control electronics seamlessly integrated with the Quantum Diagnostics Libraries that you can use as a quantum device researcher in academia or industry. Rely on physics-based documentation, APIs and data analysis to guarantee automation of your qubit diagnostics process. Improve safety and reduce wiring errors with a clearly labelled breakout panel for microwave and flux lines. Start testing right after delivery.

Customer Support

The Orange QS products and services are delivered according to our general Terms and Conditions.

We offer various kinds of support depending on the delivered product and the customer's specific needs. For all purchased product-related questions, errors, or defects, please start by submitting an issue on our GitLab issue tracker or sending us a message on our customer support slack channel (requires login).

Our support interface will ensure that you receive proper and prompt assistance when needed. It allows you to add a new issue, or update and monitor the status of an existing issue. Each issue is associated with an issue number for reference and tracking purposes.

If you experience problems with our support interface, please notify us by sending us an email at support@orangeqs.com.